It's possible to download Google Earth (program download) files for all the flight tracks for the flights during 2006/2007, 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010, OFCAP 2011, ACCACIA I 2013, ACCACIA II 2013 , ICE-ARC 2015, MAC 2015 and DACCIWA 2016 campaigns.


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Note 1) Flight track images have not yet been plotted and uploaded for flight 254-272; 275 onwards.

Note 2) Quick Looks have not yet been uploaded from flight 198 onwards.

CACC North Sea 2018

Instruments:Core MASIN; RadAlt working; WAS bottles; LGR uGGA; LGR uMEA; Picarro fast Methane; No CPC,Grimm OPC or Licor IRGA

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
31120-Apr-18 03:00 North Sea Vicky, Stephen, Tom, Prue Rig Surveys  Thin Thick Forwards 
31019-Apr-18 05:45 North Sea Vicky, Stephen, Alex UK Survey  Thin Thick Forwards 
30918-Apr-18 06:00 North Sea Vicky, Tom, Andrew, Prue UK Survey  Thin Thick Forwards 
30817-Apr-18 05:30 North Sea Vicky, Alex, Stephen, Prue Dutch Area Survey  Thin Thick Forwards 
30716-Apr-18 06:00 North Sea Vicky, Tom, Stephen UK Survey  Thin Thick Forwards 

IGP Akureyri, Iceland 2018

Instruments:Core MASIN; RadAlt working flight 295 onwards; Picarro isotope; Laser Altimeter; CAPS Probe

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
30619-Mar-18 04:30 Across Iceland Jon, Vicky, Tom, Andy Topographic flow  Thin Thick Forwards 
30518-Mar-18 06:00 Jan Mayan Jon,Alex,Kent Buoy  Thin Thick Forwards 
30416-Mar-18 01:45 Husavik Vicky,Tom, Alexandra, Kent   Thin Thick Forwards 
30314-Mar-18 05:30 To Akureyri Jon, Vicky, Andy, Alex Fluxes  None Thick Both 
30214-Mar-18 03:00 To Constable Point Jon, Vicky, Andy, Alex Fluxes Main datafile empty Thin Thick Both 
30112-Mar-18 06:00 Across Iceland Jon, Vicky, Tom, Ian Topographic flow Only 1 FUST fitted correctly None Thick Forwards 
30009-Mar-18 04:30 Akureyri Denis, Alex, Kjersti,Jon Fluxes  Thin Thick Forwards 
29908-Mar-18 05:30 To Akureyri Jon, Vicky, Tom, Lukas Fluxes  Thin Thick Forwards 
29808-Mar-18 03:30 To Constable Point Jon, Vicky, Tom, Lukas Fluxes  Thin Thick Forwards 
29706-Mar-18 05:45 Ship Jon, Vicky, Andy, Alex Fluxes Temperature Sensor issues Thin Thick Forwards 
29605-Mar-18 01:20 To Akureyri Alex, Annick, Jon, Vicky Fluxes  Thin Thick Forwards 
29504-Mar-18 06:00 Ship, Reykjavik Alex, Annick, Jon, Vicky Fluxes RadAlt On, Isotope on Thin Thick Forwards 
29401-Mar-18 05:00 To Akureyri Tom, Ian, Jon, Vicky Fluxes Camera cards not changed Thin Thick None 
29301-Mar-18 03:35 To Constable Point Tom, Ian, Jon, Vicky Fluxes  Thin Thick Forwards 
29228-Feb-18 04:10 Iceland-Greenland Sea Tom, Denis, Andy, Vicky Fluxes FUSTs swapped Thin Thick Forwards 
29127-Feb-18 01:00 Akureyri  Jon, Vicky, Tom, Russ Pilot Training  Thick Thin Both 
29027-Feb-18 02:00 Akureyri Jon, Vicky, Tom, Russ Pilot Training  Thick Thin Both 

ORCHESTRA Rothera / Marsh 2017

Instruments:Core MASIN; RadAlt not working; Picarro fast Methane; LGR uGGA; CAPS Probe

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
28916-Dec-17  Bellingshausen Sea Jon, Tom, Alex BAT Cals, flux LGR wouldn’t start Thin Thick Both 
28815-Dec-17  Bellingshausen Sea Jon, Tom, Ella Fluxes  Thin Thick Both 
28715-Dec-17  Marguerite Bay Jon, russ, Alex Fluxes Wait for Picarro Thin Thick Both 
28613-Dec-17  Bellingshausen Sea  Fluxes  Thick Thin Both 
28512-Dec-17  Marguerite Bay Jon, Tom, Alex Fluxes  Thick Thin Both 
28411-Dec-17  Rothera / JCR Jon, Alex, Tom Fluxes  Thick Thin Both 
28311-Dec-17  Marguerite Bay Jom, Tom, Ella Fluxes New FUST, No LGR, CAPS issue Thick Thin Both 
28209-Dec-17  Marguerite Bay Jon, Tom, Russ JCR pass Aborted, clouds on return.  Thick Thin Both 
28108-Dec-17  Marguerite Bay Jon, Alex, Tom  Fluxes CAPS working again Thick Thin Both 
28007-Dec-17  Marsh to Rothera Jon, Tom,Russ  Transit  No No None 
27906-Dec-17  ORCHESTRA Gliders Jon, Tom, Russ Fluxes Picarro on Thick Thin Both 
27806-Dec-17  Rothera to Marsh Jon, Tom, Russ Transit CAPS PC stopped working No No Both 
27703-Dec-17 05:10 Larsen Jon, Tom, Ella ORCHESTRA Picarro ok Thick Thin Both 
27602-Dec-17 03:50 Bellingshausen Sea Jon, Alex, Tom ORCHESTRA No Picarro Thick Thin Both 
27530-Nov-17 01:30 Rothera Jon, Alex, Tom, Russ Trial flight Picarro working, No CPC Thick Thin Forwards 

FAAM Intercomparison UK 2017

Instruments:Core MASIN; LGR uGGA

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
27410-May-17 04:00 Humberside Al, Tom, Neil, Russ FAAM Intercomparison   Thick Thin None 
27310-May-17 00:45 Duxford  Al, Tom, Neil, Russ Positioning flight LGR test Thick Thin None 

CryoVex / ICE-ARC Arctic 2017

Instruments:Radiometers; Laser Scanner; Ka Band Altimeter

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
27226-Apr-17 04:45 Longyearbyen Alan, Steve, Henriette,Sine CryoVex  No No None 
27125-Apr-17 02:35 Longyearbyen Alan, Steve, Henriette,Sine CryoVex  No No None 
27024-Apr-17 03:00 To Longyearbyen Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex OXTS issue No No None 
26924-Apr-17 04:10 To Station Nord Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex OXTS issue No No None 
26821-Apr-17 04:00 Qaanaaq  Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex OXTS issue No No None 
26720-Apr-17 01:40 To Qaanaaq Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
26620-Apr-17 02:15 To Grise Fiord Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
26519-Apr-17 02:35 To Resolute Alan, Steve, Henriette Transit   No No None 
26419-Apr-17 02:20 To Eureka Alan, Steve, Henriette Transit   No No None 
26318-Apr-17 03:40 Alert  Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
26216-Apr-17 05:10 Alert Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex OXTS issue No No None 
26113-Apr-17 05:40 Alert Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex OXTS issue No No None 
26012-Apr-17 02:05 To Alert Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
25912-Apr-17 03:00 To Eureka Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
25811-Apr-17 04:00 To Resolute Alan, Steve, Henriette CryoVex   No No None 
25708-Apr-17 02:15 Cambridge Bay Alan, Steve, Henriette Land Survey OXTS issue No No None 
25607-Apr-17 02:35 Cambridge Bay Alan, Steve, Henriette Land Survey OXTS issue No No None 
25507-Apr-17 00:30 Cambridge Bay Alan, Steve, Henriette, Russ Line & Land   No No None 
25405-Apr-17 02:20 Cambridge Bay Alan, Steve, Alex, Russ Satellite Line DTU IMU, OXTS issues No No None 

DACCIWA Togo 2016
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
25315-Jul-16 02:55 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Sophie, James L, Eleanor DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
25215-Jul-16 02:30 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Phil, James D, Peter DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
25114-Jul-16 02:40 Lome, Togo Mark,Ollie, Adam, Sophie,Keith DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
25013-Jul-16 03:10 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, James D, Adam, James L DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24911-Jul-16 02:40 Lome, Togo Mark,Ollie, James L, Sophie, Adam DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24811-Jul-16 02:10 Lome, Togo Mark,Ollie,Phil,James D, Adam DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24710-Jul-16 02:00 Lome, Togo Mark,Ollie, Keith, Adam, Jonny DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24610-Jul-16 02:40 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Keith, Sophie, Adam DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24508-Jul-16 03:05 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, James L, Sophie, Adam DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24408-Jul-16 02:55 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, James D, Christine, Jonny DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24307-Jul-16 03:00 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Ian, Adam, Keith DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24206-Jul-16 02:45 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Sophie, Adam, James L DACCIWA PCASP Thick Thin Both 
24106-Jul-16 02:45 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Jonny, Adam, Keith DACCIWA 2DS Thick Thin Both 
24005-Jul-16 01:45 Lome, Togo Ollie, Cobi, Adam, Jonny, Phil Save PCASP Thick Thin Both 
23905-Jul-16 01:30 Lome, Togo Ollie, Cobi, Adam, Jonny, Phil Radiation 2DS Thick Thin Both 
23804-Jul-16 03:20 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Sophie, Adam, James L DACCIWA 2DS Thick Thin Both 
23703-Jul-16 03:00 Lome, Togo Mark, Ollie, Keith, Sophie, Jonny DACCIWA 2DS Thick Thin Both 
23601-Jul-16 03:15 Lome, Togo Mark B, Ollie, James L, Mike F, Jonny Plumes 2DS Thick Thin Both 

MAC Halley 2015
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
23514-Dec-15 04:25 Halley  Tom, Keith, Seb MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
23413-Dec-15 04:15 Halley  Mike, Tom, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
23312-Dec-15 04:20 Halley  Keith, Amelie, Seb MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
23211-Dec-15 04:00 Halley  Keith, Constantino, Seb MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
23111-Dec-15 04:10 Halley  Tom, Constantino, Neil MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
23010-Dec-15 04:25 Halley  Keith, Tom, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22909-Dec-15 00:30 Halley  Keith, Tom, Constantino MAC Project  Thick None Front 
22809-Dec-15 04:20 Halley  Keith, Seb, Tom MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22708-Dec-15 04:10 Halley  Keith, Seb, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22607-Dec-15 04:10 Halley  Keith, Seb, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22507-Dec-15 03:50 Halley  Tom, Seb, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22406-Dec-15 03:45 Halley  Keith, Tom, Constantino MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22303-Dec-15 03:35 Halley  Keith,Tom,Seb MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22230-Nov-15 04:10 West of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22129-Nov-15 04:00 West of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
22028-Nov-15 04:15 West of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
21927-Nov-15 04:05 North of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
21827-Nov-15 04:05 North of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
21724-Nov-15 03:40 West of Halley Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project  Thick Thin Front 
21621-Nov-15 03:15 Halley  Tom, Mike, Russ MAC Project Cloud Streets Thick Thin Front 
21518-Nov-15 03:45 Ronne to Z Tom, Russ Halley transit  None None Front 
21418-Nov-15 02:55 SBR to Ronne Tom, Russ Halley transit  None None Front 
21317-Nov-15 01:40 KG to SBR Tom, Russ Halley transit  Thick None Front 
21217-Nov-15 01:40 R to KG Tom, Russ Halley transit  Thick None Front 
21115-Nov-15 01:20 Rothera Tom, Russ  Instrument Test   Thick Thin None 

ESA Helsinki 2015
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
21003-May-15 02:40 Helsinki Russ, Henriette ESA ASIRAS flight ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT None 

ICE-ARC Svalbard / Greenland 2015
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
20924-Apr-15 05:15 Svalbard Russ, Sine Lance Grid ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20822-Apr-15 03:15 To Svalbard Russ, Sine Sea ice to Svalbard ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20721-Apr-15 05:10 Nord Russ, Sine North Greenland glaciers ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20620-Apr-15 05:35 Nord Russ, Sine North Greenland sea ice ASIRAS fitted, poor lidar data No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20519-Apr-15 03:10 To Nord Russ, Sine Sea ice to Nord ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20419-Apr-15 05:30 Svalbard Russ, Sine Lance Grid ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd 
20316-Apr-15 00:50 Svalbard Russ, Sine Instrument Tests/ Calibration ASIRAS fitted No BAT No BAT Fwd + Down 

UK inter-comparison / characterisation 2014
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
20207-May-14 02:20 UK Tom, Russ CAPS Comparison No Camera Bay instruments or radiometers Thick Thin No 
20104-May-14 03:30 UK Tom Aerosol Cal No Camera Bay instruments or radiometers Thick Thin No 
20002-May-14 03:30 UK Tom, John, Russ Aerosol Cal No Camera Bay instruments or radiometers Thick Thin No 
19930-Apr-14 02:10 UK Tom, Russ Aerosol Cal No Camera Bay instruments or radiometers Thick Thin No 

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
19830-Jul-13 05:15 Svalbard Tom, Barb, Amelie, Vicky Clouds (BL)  Thick Thin No 
19729-Jul-13 04:40 Svalbard Alex, Barb, Amelie Clouds, BL over JCR Thick Thin Hand 
19626-Jul-13 05:40 Svalbard James, Barb, Tom, Vicky Clouds  Thick Thin No 
19525-Jul-13 05:35 Svalbard Tom, Barb, Amelie, Vicky Clouds (BL)  Thick Thin Hand 
19423-Jul-13 05:35 Svalbard James, Barb, Amelie Clouds  Thick Thin No 
19322-Jul-13 06:00 Svalbard Alex, Barb, James BL  Thick Thin Hand 
19219-Jul-13 05:10 Svalbard James, Barb, Tom, Vicky Clouds (BL)  Thick Thin Hand 
19118-Jul-13 05:40 Svalbard Tom, Barb, James Clouds  Thick Thin Hand 
19017-Jul-13 02:40 Svalbard Ian, Barb, Russ, James Test Flight Inlet characterisation Thick Thin No 

UK characterisation 2013
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
18904-Jun-13 02:00 Duxford, The Wash Tom, Russ UK Aerosol Inlet Characterisation  No No No 
18824-Apr-13 02:00 Cambridge, The Wash Tom, Russ UK Aerosol Inlet Pressure Tests  No No No 

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
18703-Apr-13 04:00 Svalbard Alex, Barb, Tom  Clouds  Thick Thin Hand 
18602-Apr-13 05:30 Svalbard Amelie, Barb, Tom Clouds  Thick Thin Hand 
18531-Mar-13 05:30 Svalbard Tom, Barb, Russ BL  Thick Thin Hand 
18429-Mar-13 04:40 Svalbard Alex, Barb, Amelie BL  Thick Thin Hand 
18326-Mar-13 04:55 Svalbard Tom, Barb, Russ Clouds  Thick Thin No 
18225-Mar-13 05:05 Svalbard Amelie, Barb, Tom  BL  Thick Thin Hand 
18123-Mar-13 04:30 Svalbard Alex, Barb, Russ BL  Thick Thin Hand 
18022-Mar-13 01:30 Svalbard Tom, Russ, Alex, Barb Test Flight  Thick Thin Hand 

OFCAP and Clouds
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
17906-Feb-11 04:20 Cross Peninsula / Larsen Tom, Amelie Cloud Flight BAT Cals, Broken floor PIR Thick No No 
17805-Feb-11 04:00 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Tor, Tom, Andy OFCAP Broken Floor PIR Thick No No 
17705-Feb-11 04:10 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Tor, Tom OFCAP Broke floor PIR on landing Thick No No 
17605-Feb-11 04:00 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Andy, Russ, Nick A OFCAP  Thick No No 
17504-Feb-11 04:00 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Andy, Tom  OFCAP  Thick No No 
17404-Feb-11 03:30 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Tor, Tom, Tamsin OFCAP  Thick No No 
17303-Feb-11 04:30 Cross Peninsula Tor, Andy, Russ OFCAP 68S Cross Peninsula No CAPS Thick No No 
17202-Feb-11 02:00 Marguerite Bay Tom, Amelie, Celine Cloud Flight Broken lower PIR replaced Thick No No 
17102-Feb-11 03:15 Cross Peninsula Andy, Tom, Amelie OFCAP Easterly flow 68 S crossing Thick No No 
17001-Feb-11 03:30 Larsen Amelie, Tom, Geoff Cloud Flight Geoff - forecaster Thick No No 
16901-Feb-11 04:00 Cross Peninsula/Larsen Tor, Russ OFCAP slight westerly Northern Box Thick No No 
16831-Jan-11 02:50 Marguerite Bay Tom Cloud Flight No GRIMM Thick No No 
16730-Jan-11 03:00 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ OFCAP Tor windy valleys  Thick No No 
16630-Jan-11 04:15 Peninsula Cross / Larsen Tor, Tom, Amelie OFCAP easterly flow 68S crossing, computer restarts Thick No No 
16528-Jan-11 02:15 Larsen to Rothera Andy, Russ OFCAP westerly flow  Thick No No 
16428-Jan-11 02:00 Rothera to Larsen Andy, Russ OFCAP westerly flow  Thick No No 
16327-Jan-11 04:00 Peninsula Cross / Larsen Tor, Tom  OFCAP westerly flow Vorticity streamer flight Thick No No 
16227-Jan-11 04:10 Peninsula Cross / Larsen Andy, Russ OFCAP westerly flow repeat of 160-1 Thick Thin No 
16126-Jan-11 02:15 Larsen to Rothera Tor, Tom, Amelie OFCAP westerly flow Larsen N-S and 68 S line Thick No No 
16026-Jan-11 02:10 Rothera to Larsen Tor, Tom, Amelie OFCAP westerly flow 67 S line Thick No No 
15925-Jan-11 03:30 Larsen Amelie, Russ Clouds  Thick No No 
15824-Jan-11 03:00 Marguerite Bay Tor, Amelie, Tom Jets/clouds Overfly North Adelaide AWS Thick No No 
15723-Jan-11 03:30 NE of Adelaide Island Tom, Amelie, Andy OFCAP Barrier flow / clouds  Thick Thin No 
15622-Jan-11 05:00 Cross Peninsula and Marguerite Bay Tor, Andy, Russ OFCAP Peninsula flow and fjord jets  Thick Thin No 
15521-Jan-11 04:00 Larsen Tom, Russ, Andy Cross Peninsula and Larsen Clouds  Thick No No 
15420-Jan-11 04:55 West of Adelaide Is. Tom, Russ, Tor Clouds North Adelaide AWS visit Thick No No 
15319-Jan-11 03:45 Marguerite Bay Tom, Amelie Clouds BAT Cals Thick No No 
15218-Jan-11 04:35 Larsen Tom, Amelie, Russ Cloud Flight  Thick No No 
15117-Jan-11 04:00 NW of Adelaide Island Tom, Amelie, Russ Frontal Cloud  Thick No No 
15015-Jan-11 02:30 Cross Peninsula Tom, Russ Cloud flight  Thick Thin No 
14913-Jan-11 04:15 Cross Peninsula Tom,Russ, Tor OFCAP Foehn Wind Easterly flow    No 
14812-Jan-11 04:00 Cross Peninsula Tom, Russ, Amelie OFCAP Foehn Wind Easterly flow FPH problem at very low DPs.   No 
14711-Jan-11 03:00 Cross Peninsula Tom, Russ, Tor OFCAP East Peninsula Barrier Wind    No 

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
14602-Dec-10 02:30 Bellingshausen Sea Tom, Alex Flux No camera GPS tags.   Both 
14501-Dec-10 03:00 Bellingshausen Sea Tom, Alex Flux No camera GPS tags.   Both 
14401-Dec-10 04:45 Bellingshausen Sea Tom, Alex Ice-bell JCR No camera GPS tags. No    Both 
14329-Nov-10 00:45 Rothera Tom, Russ, Carl R Laser Cal Use rothera base GPS. No Camera GPS tags.   No 
14228-Nov-10 01:45 KG to Rothera Tom, Russ Transit System tests, ms timing fixed.   No 
14127-Nov-10 05:00 Bellingshausen Sea Tom Ice-bell JCR No Camera GPS tags. ms timing problem.   No 
14027-Nov-10 01:40 R to KG Tom Transit ms time problem.   No 
13926-Nov-10 04:55 Bellingshausen Sea Tom Ice-bell JCR KG to R via JCR, No Camera GPS tags, ms time problem.   Both 
13822-Nov-10 04:20 Bellingshausen Sea Alex Ice-bell JCR No GPS Tags on images, missing Trimble GPS, ms time problem.   Both 
13721-Nov-10 00:35 Bellingshausen Sea Alex Ice-bell JCR Abort due weather. ms time problem.    No 
13620-Nov-10 01:30 R to KG Alex Transit ms time problem.   No 
13516-Nov-10 02:55 Marambio to R Tom, Alex, Russ Transit    No 
13415-Nov-10 04:05 Weddell Sea Tom, Alex, Russ Ice-bell JCR No DTU Air GPS, Trimble OK   No 
13314-Nov-10 04:15 Weddell Sea Tom, Alex, Russ Ice-bell JCR    No 
13213-Nov-10 02:35 R to Marambio Tom, Alex, Russ Transit    No 
13112-Nov-10 00:20 Rothera Tom, Alex, Russ, Rene Laser Cal No DSLR Images   No 
13011-Nov-10 00:30 Rothera Tom, Alex, Russ, Rene Laser Cal No Laser data or GPS Tagging of images   No 

Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
12904-Mar-10 04:10 Cross Peninsula Tom Flow, Clouds CPC, No LICOR.   No 
12802-Mar-10 02:00 KG to Rothera Russ, Alex Transit    No 
12702-Mar-10 06:00 Ronne Polynya Alex Polynya fluxes With Polar 5   Both 
12602-Mar-10 01:40 R to KG Russ, Alex Transit    No 
12501-Mar-10 06:00 Weddell Sea Alex Sea ice fluxes With Polar 5    Both 
12428-Feb-10 02:35 Adelaide Island Tom Laser Altimetry survey For Richard/Hamish   No 
12327-Feb-10 03:15 Larsen Tom, Russ Clouds With Polar 5. CPC, No LICOR.   No 
12226-Feb-10 00:50 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ CPC Test  CPC, No LICOR.   No 
12125-Feb-10 05:10 Weddell Sea Alex Sea ice fluxes    Both 
12024-Feb-10 03:50 Marguerite Bay Tom Clouds With Polar 5.    No 
11923-Feb-10 01:50 Marguerite Bay Tom Clouds    No 
11823-Feb-10 04:20 Larsen/Weddell Sea Alex Sea ice fluxes With Polar 5. BAT Heat OFF.   Both 
11722-Feb-10 03:25 North of Adelaide Is. Tom, Johannes Clouds    No 
11622-Feb-10 01:10 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ Clouds GPS working   No 
11522-Feb-10 01:00 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ GPS Test    No 
11421-Feb-10 02:00 West of Adelaide Is. Tom Clouds, GPS Test GPS problems   No 
11320-Feb-10 01:50 KG to Rothera Alex, Russ Ronne Polynya fluxes Aborted. Clouds on return   No 
11220-Feb-10 02:10 Rothera to KG Alex, Russ Ronne Polynya fluxes GPS very intermittent   No 
11119-Feb-10 02:25 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ Clouds    No 
11018-Feb-10 05:45 Weddell Sea Alex, Timo Sea Ice Fluxes JAVAD poor   Both 
10917-Feb-10 05:30 Weddell Sea Alex, Jorg Sea Ice Fluxes With Polar 5. Hatch Camera problem.   Cockpit 
10816-Feb-10 03:40 Marguerite Bay Tom, Timo Clouds No Kinematic GPS   No 
10715-Feb-10 06:10 Ronne/Weddell Alex Sea Ice Fluxes Kinematic GPS Problems   Both 
10615-Feb-10 01:45 R to KG Alex Transit Kinematic GPS Problems   No 
10513-Feb-10 02:15 Rothera Tom Clouds    No 
10412-Feb-10 03:20 Larsen Tom Clouds    No 
10312-Feb-10 02:20 Marguerite Bay Russ, Tom Comparison Flight With Polar 5   No 
10211-Feb-10 02:15 Marguerite Bay Tom, Manuel Lenticular Clouds    No 
10109-Feb-10 03:00 Larsen Tom Cloud flight Easterly Winds   No 
10008-Feb-10 03:00 Marguerite Bay Tom Low Cloud    No 
9906-Feb-10 04:00 Larsen Tom, Russ Cloud flight Westerly Winds   No 
9804-Feb-10 02:25 Marguerite Bay Tom, Alex, Russ Test Flight, BAT cals No Licor H20, No FUSTs, IRT black body misaligned   No 
9703-Feb-10 01:25 Marguerite Bay Tom, Alex, Russ Test Flight No GPS, Timing Problems, Licor inlet closed, No floor instruments   Cockpit 

Rothera 2008/2009
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
9622-Feb-09 02:45 North Alexander Island Tom sea-ice fluxes Noise on first few minutes of downward camera 0.005" 0.010" Both 
9522-Feb-09 01:30 Adelaide Is./Ryder Bay Amelie sea surface temperatures  0.005" 0.010" Cockpit 
9421-Feb-09 05:30 Weddell Sea Amelie Fluxes  0.005" 0.010" Both 
9319-Feb-09 04:00 West of peninsula Tom  Westerly Flow investigation Significant icing 0.005" 0.010" No 
9218-Feb-09 02:20 Marguerite Bay Tom, Russ Sea ice fluxes 50' and 150' lines 0.003" 0.010" Both 
9114-Feb-09 03:45 Off Adelaide Island Amelie Ocean SSTs Licor problems 0.003" 0.010" Down 
9011-Feb-09 02:30 Marguerite Bay Tom, Amelie Boundary Layer  No 
8909-Feb-09 01:45 Marguerite Bay Tom, Amelie, Russ Stable Boundary Layer Some GPS dropouts 0.003" 0.010" No 
8807-Feb-09 04:15 Weddell sea-ice Russ, Amelie Laser Alt / Licor flux FUSTs broken, LICOR inlet part iced 0.003" shield 0.005" Both 
8705-Feb-09 02:00 Marguerite Bay Tom, Amelie Ocean Boundary Layer No GPS or Licor No 
8604-Feb-09 04:00 North of Rothera Tom, Amelie, Russ Test Licor / Hygrometer Some loss of GPS. FPH problems. Stepped speed BAT Cals and solar cals Cockpit 
8503-Feb-09 01:30 Rothera Tom, Amelie, Russ Test Poor GPS, Licor, FPH, Laser Alt. No 

Rothera 2007/2008
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
8422-Feb-08 02:15 Marguerite Bay Russ BAT Calibration Might also be useful with Radiometers 0.003" 0.003" No 
8321-Feb-08 05:30 Weddell Shelf Alex Weddell Tidal Divergence  0.005"  0.003" Both 
8221-Feb-08 05:30 Weddell Shelf Amelie Weddell Tidal Divergence  0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
8120-Feb-08 06:30 Larsen Ice Shelf Russ Peninsula orographic/Fohn  0.005" 0.003" shield Cockpit 
8018-Feb-08 06:30 Northern Weddell Amelie Sea ice flux data  0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
7914-Feb-08 06:00 Larsen Ice Shelf Alex Fohn Wind Boundary Layer  0.010" 0.003" shield Both 
7810-Feb-08 06:30 Northern Weddell Sea Alex Sea ice flux data  0.010" 0.003" shield Both 
7709-Feb-08 05:50 Southern Weddell Sea Russ Sea ice flux data  0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
7609-Feb-08 02:00 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Russ Transit data  0.005" 0.003" shield No 
7508-Feb-08 03:00 Marguerite Bay Amelie, Alex, Russ Calibration data No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
7407-Feb-08 02:10 Fossil Bluff to Rothera Amelie Transit data Hatch camera not working 0.005" 0.003" shield Cockpit 
7307-Feb-08 02:05 Sky Blu to Fossil Bluff Amelie Transit data  0.005" 0.003" shield No 
7206-Feb-08 06:00 Ronne Polynya Amelie Ronne flux data Hatch Camera not working 0.005" 0.003" shield Cockpit 
7106-Feb-08 02:10 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Amelie Transit data  0.005" 0.003" shield No 
7005-Feb-08 02:10 Fossil Bluff to Rothera Alex Transit data  0.005" 0.003" shield No 
6905-Feb-08 06:25 Ronne Polynya Alex Ronne flux data  0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
6805-Feb-08 02:10 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Alex Transit data  0.005" 0.003" shield No 
6702-Feb-08 06:00 Weddell Sea Amelie Tidal flux measurement No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
6601-Feb-08 03:30 Marguerite Bay Amelie, Russ, Alex Open Water Flux data No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
6531-Jan-08 01:10 Marguerite Bay Russ, Alex Test Flight No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
6430-Jan-08 05:45 Larsen, Weddell Sea Amelie Flux data No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
6330-Jan-08 00:35 Rothera Amelie, Russ Hygrometer Test No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
6229-Jan-08 06:05 Larsen, Weddell Sea Russ Flux data No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield Both 
6128-Jan-08 02:00 Marguerite Bay Alex, Amelie, Russ Test Flight No AHRS Data 0.005" 0.003" shield Cockpit 

Rothera 2006/2007
Flight Date Duration Location Who Purpose Comments FUST 1 FUST 2 Video 
6002-Mar-07 00:30 Rothera Tom, Alex, Emma Air Inlet tests Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
5901-Mar-07 06:20 Weddell Sea Alex Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
5801-Mar-07 02:00 Rothera Tom, Russ, Emma Calibration Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
5728-Feb-07 05:30 Ronne Polynya Russ Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
5628-Feb-07 01:55 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Russ Transit flight Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
5527-Feb-07 01:45 Fossil Bluff to Rothera Emma Transit, King George Sound fluxes Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
5427-Feb-07 05:20 Ronne Polynya Emma Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
5327-Feb-07 01:55 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Emma Transit flight Ferry Tank, outgoing PIR u/s 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
5226-Feb-07 00:35 Rothera Russ, Emma Radiosonde Follow Problems with temperature sensors 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
5126-Feb-07 03:50 Northern Alexander Island Alex Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
5025-Feb-07 01:50 Fossil Bluff to Rothera Tom Transit flight Ferry Tank, low over ice in sound 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
4925-Feb-07 05:10 Ronne Polynya Tom Ronne Polynya fluxes Ferry Tank 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
4825-Feb-07 02:05 Rothera to Fossil Bluff Tom Transit flight Ferry Tank 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
4724-Feb-07 02:35 Aborted Rothera to Fossil Bluff Tom Transit flight BAT Probe heater tested 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
4622-Feb-07 03:45 Cross Peninsula Alex Barrier Winds Ferry Tank not used 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
4521-Feb-07 04:30 Sea ice by Wilkins ice shelf Emma Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
4421-Feb-07 04:10 Sea ice by Wilkins ice shelf Alex Sea ice fluxes Ferry Tank 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
4320-Feb-07 01:55 Charcot Island Alex Sea ice fluxes Ferry tank, abort due Wx 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
4216-Feb-07 04:30 Weddell Sea by Dolleman Island Emma Sea ice Fluxes Ferry tank. Video failed. 0.005" 0.003" shield No 
4116-Feb-07 05:10 Weddell Sea by Dolleman Island Alex Sea ice Fluxes Ferry tank 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
4015-Feb-07 04:05 Larsen iceshelf Tom, Emma Iceshelf Boundary layer Ferry tank 0.005" 0.003" shield Yes 
3915-Feb-07 04:10 Weddell Sea by Larsen Alex Sea ice Fluxes Ferry tank. Floor PIR broken. 0.010" 0.003" shield Yes 
3814-Feb-07 01:45 Rothera, Cape Alexander Alex, Emma, Russ Training, Cals Variable angle/power legs and constant power circles. 0.003" 0.003" No 
3713-Feb-07 04:30 NW Alexander Island Alex, Tom, Russ Sea ice Fluxes Some loss of GPS. Variable power legs and constant power turns. 0.003" 0.010" Yes 
3611-Feb-07 01:50 Rothera area Alex, Tom, Russ CBL Test, RadAlt Cals, RATS  Test over RATS, 30 mins out/back convective boundary layer, altimeter cals over runway. 0.003" 0.010" No 
3502-Feb-07 01:35 Rothera area Alex, Tom, Russ GPS Test Variable pitch angle/airspeed and constant power circles. 0.003" 0.010" No 
3402-Feb-07 02:35 George VI Sound Alex, Tom, Russ First Test Flight GPS angles absent for most of flight. 0.003" 0.010" Yes